About Laddsburg Mountain Winery

Steve and Jane GrazaitisLaddsburg Mountain Winery is owned and operated by Steve and Jane Grazaitis. Our passion for wine led us to open Laddsburg Mountain Winery. We started by planting our first acre of grape vines in 1998. Today, we have approximately 14. We produce small lots of wine from our own grown grapes. Our attention to our product has always been to quality. We're not the first winery in the region, just the first vineyard operator. Our 18 years of experience growing wine grapes allows us to determine the correct harvest times. We believe this reflects in the quality of our wine. Our wine quality comes in the fact that we control the entire process from vine to wine. Located in the heart of the Endless Mountains Region, we produce approximately 2500 gallons of wine annually. Our wine styles range from sweet "anytime" varieties to ultra complex barrel aged port style wine. So, if you've tried all the rest, we challenge you to stop in and try the best.


"Good Wine is a Good Familiar Creature, if it be well used"
-Wm. Shakespeare; Othello II.iii