Ramblings from the Vintner


 Into a New Year. What have we been up to ? Harvest came in quickly with everything in by October. We have everything resting. Flavours are intense this year. Our NY81 is really shining this year. Prairie Star is awesome as is our Leon-Millot and Landot-Noir. I believe this will be a great year for our wines and we look forward to getting them released this spring and get them into competition. Currently, we are in the vineyard getting on pruning.Seeing some die back on Brianna thanks to a late powdery mildew outbreak on vines that had not shut down for the winter. Thanks to very mild fall this year. In all, the vines look very healthy. We are excited for the upcoming year. A lot things are planned including a rock the winery 10 year anniversary celebration. Stay tuned for details on this. Hard to believe 10 years have passed for the taste room and 18 years since our first vines went into ground. In that time, we have met a lot of great people. WIneries have a way of bringing in great people. We look forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones this year