The Tastes of Laddsburg Mountain Winery

In keeping with our heritage and tradition of being outdoors people we have named all of our wines after the latin sir names of various fish and game animals and not the grape varieties. We promise no animal products are in our wines.

~ Dry Wines ~

Aix White (08): Named for the majestic Wood Duck. Made from Prairie-Star grapes. Barrel fermented on American Oak, nice flavors of vanilla and pineapple. The perfect compliment to a roasted poultry meal... 0.25%RS  


Alces Red: Named for the Moose and with good reason. This is a big, heavy red made from a blend of Leon-Millot and Landot-Noir. Strong flavors or choke cherry and elderberry. Pairs extremely well with Chocolate... 0%RS


Vulpes Red: Named for the Red Fox. Delicate red wine made from Noiret grapes. Nice fruity red wine finished on American Oak. Light tannin structure and fruity finish makes this a perfect choice with beef and pasta dishes... 0%RS  

~ Semi-Sweet Wines ~

Zenaida White: Named for the Mourning Dove. Made from NY-81 grapes. Light bodied white with nice orange/tangerine notes. Similar to Gewurtztraminer 3%RS  


Erminea White: Named for the white phase of the Weasel. Made from Cayuga grapes. Maintains a perfect balance of acidity and rich apricot flavors. The perfect companion to a serving of cheddar cheese or a white sauced pasta dish. Our flagship white 3%RS  


Sander Red: Named for the Walleye. Made from Landot-Noir grapes. Spicy red wine with hints of clove. This wine pairs nicely with heavy pasta dishes 3%RS

~ Sweet Wines ~

Procyon Blush: Named for the Raccoon. Made from Catawba Grapes. A mischievous blush wine that has fantastic citrus notes and is just a great anytime, anything wine. A great wine to served with marinated chicken 5%RS  


Odocoileus White: Named for the White-Tailed Deer. Made from Brianna Grapes. A soft white wine with a strong green grape aroma and taste. A fun drink anytime wine 5.5%RS  


Salvelinus Red: Named for the Brook Trout. Made from Concord Grapes. 6%RS  


Sylvilagus White: Named for the Cottontail Rabbit. Made from Brianna Grapes. 9%RS  

~ Fruit Wines ~

Bonasa: Named for the Ruffed Grouse. Made with a blend of Cayuga and Peach Wine. Fresh, just picked, peach flavor 8%RS  


Castor Pink: Named for the Beaver. Made from a blend of Cayuga and Raspberry Wine. Nice real overpowering raspberry taste. Our best seller and salute to beavers everywhere .8%RS  


~ Port Wine ~

Gold Star Reserve: New Tawny Port - Deep mahogany in color, intense Raspberry/Currant fore taste, rich honey mid-palate and an exquisite Mocha finish. You know it's good, when you still taste it 5 minutes later. 19.5%


Ursus Red: Named for the Bear. A monster Port style wine produced in the traditional Porto method. Made from Leon-Millot grapes. Fermented short to leave the natural sugars, distilled spirits are then added to raise the alcohol level to 19% and stop the fermentation. The wine is then aged for 3 years in native Pennsylvania oak barrels. Incredibly complex, this wine has strong flavors of strawberry and raspberry on the mid palate and a rich delicate coffee finish. Has won numerous medals in International competitions 18.5%RS






**Please note that occasionally we do sell out of some of our wines due to the small batches that we make. We make every effort to not have this happen. However, we will not compromise on our recipes and would rather wait 3-6 months to re-inventory our product.